ARMAS is a nation-wide festival that celebrates creativity in older age

This year ARMAS is 1.–13.10.2019.

ARMAS has been organized two times in the past. In 2017 there were over 220 events all around Finland and last year there were almost 250 different events.

ARMAS is an umbrella organization that honors creativity in older age and brings together artists, art organizations, art institutions, care sector and municipal level organizations all over Finland. ARMAS has an unique repertory that showcases aging artists and makes themes of old age visible using art as a medium.

The three missions of ARMAS are:

  • SENIOR POWER – own voice of the elderly
  • TAKE DOWN THE WALLS – no boundaries
  • JOY TO EVERYDAY LIFE – happy and energetic festival

ARMAS was a part of the official program of Finland’s 100 years independence celebration in 2017. The logo is designed by ”The Grand Old Man” of Finnish graphic design, Mr. Erik Bruun.

ARMAS is inspired by the international creative aging festivals, like Bealtaine in Ireland, Luminate in Scotland and Gwanwyn In Wales.

If you or your organization wish to be involved in this year’s programme, please contact the producer Raisa Karttunen. You can find connect information from the Connect subpage.