Armas will become a spring festival in 2024

The Armas festival will be moved to March from the beginning of 2024. Armas was founded by municipalities, art institutes and in cooperation with the organizations of the elderly in 2017. Then the date was agreed to be the beginning of October, when a Week for the Elderly is also organized. That’s how Armas found a good place to grow with a similar theme next to the finished network.

Now Armas has grown so big that the simultaneity with the Week for the Elderly is a bit too much for some of the network’s operators. Therefore, from the beginning of 2024, Armas will be organized in the future as a spring festival during the last two weeks of March. The festival days will be in the future 18.–31.3. Armas Name Day on March 28 also takes place in this period. In 2023 the event date is still in October.

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